Here are a few more recommended articles on singing –

Why Do We Sing?  This article is written by Bob Kauflin who teaches pastors and musicians in the theology and practice of congregational worship at Sovereign Grace Ministries.
Click here for the article

Chapter 15 on Psalm Singing from A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life by William Law
William Law’s book is a classic and was read by the Wesleys, George Whitefield, and other leaders in the evangelical church. I learned of this chapter through one of John Piper’s articles listed below.  Click here for the article

Jesus sings  This is another article from Dr. Piper  Click here for the article

The Slow Death of Congregational Singing by Michael Raiter
Michael Raiter is a preacher and trainer of preachers from Australia. The title is certainly interesting, isn’t it?  Click here for the article

Who would have thought singing is so critical to the faith?